Saturday, February 10, 2018

Latham Snowy Owl

Today, Michele and I spotted something quite unexpected perched atop one of the mounds of plowed snow in the Latham Farms shopping center parking lot - a snowy owl! I was able to walk right up to the base of the snow pile to get a good look. The owl just looked at me, pretty much unfazed by my presence. Michele snapped some pics. The owl didn't seem to mind at all.

I had read that upstate New York was seeing an "irruption" of those feathery visitors from the Arctic this winter, but I never expected to actually spot one, let alone see one hanging out long enough to get some pics. 'Twas a beautiful sight! The pics don't do it justice.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

New Richard Fay Redbubble Profile Cover Image

New Azure Lion Productions Zazzle Store Header Image

January 2018 PoD Stats

My PoD sales/referrals stats for January 2018:

Zazzle - 16 sales (several of which were of multiple items), 0 cancellations, 0 referrals.

CafePress - 11 completed orders of a total of 13 items, 0 cancellations.

Redbubble - 10 orders (one of which was of multiple items).

In 2017, my stats for January were as follows:

Zazzle - 14 sales (none of which were of multiple items), 0 cancellations, 0 referrals.

CafePress - 0 orders.

Redbubble - 6 orders (none of which were of multiple items).

As can be seen, my sales were up across the board in January 2018 as compared to January 2017. It's especially nice to see my CafePress sales picking up again. Now I hope the general upward trend continues throughout the rest of 2018.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Recent PoD Sales

Recent PoD sales:

SOLD 1/28/2018 through Redbubble to an admirer of art in the UK: one Sticker of Red Dragon of Wales, Size Small.

SOLD 1/28/2018 through CafePress to a customer in PA, US: one Tudor Rose Aluminum License Plate.

SOLD 1/27/2018 through Zazzle (via a 3rd party) and shipped to a recipient in Kingsville, MD: one Polish Eagle Pacifier.

SOLD 1/25/2018 through CafePress to a customer in new Zealand: one pair of Red Rose of Lancaster Earrings.

SOLD 1/23/2018 through Redbubble to an admirer of art in the US: one Sticker of Three Medieval Swords 2016, Size Small.

SOLD 1/22/2018 through Redbubble to an admirer of art in the US: one Sticker of Irish Harp, Size Small.

Sunday, January 28, 2018


Now only 99¢!
(That's less than 25¢ a story.)
Four by Fay: Four Fantasy Stories by Richard H. Fay Kindle Edition

A collection of four fantasy short stories penned by writer and master poet Richard H. Fay.

"An Evil in Carnlinton"
The redoubtable under-sheriff of Dolbrinshire pursues a fleeing half-ogre felon into the haunted city of Carnlinton and encounters an unexpected evil.

"Vengeance of the Alpe"
A malicious sorcerer summons the bloodthirsty shape-shifting alpe to wreak vengeance upon the innocent maid who rejected him.

"Father Ryan's Fright"
In this "beautifully written Irish folk tale", a Catholic priest who speaks ill of belief in the Little People suffers the fright of his life.

"Sing the Bones Alive" (Author’s Preferred Version)
The eremitic wizard Kalensh sings the darkest song he has ever sung in his attempt to rescue a young boy from the clutches of a cannibalistic ogress.
(A previously published version of this tale was chosen “Best Story: January 2013” in the 2013 BARDS AND SAGES QUARTERLY Readers' Choice Awards.)

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Merch by Amazon Request for More Information (Including Banking and Tax Info)

Hmm...I will have to ask my intellectual property rights and tax attorney what she thinks about this request for more information...

Message received from Amazon regarding my request for a Merch by Amazon invitation:

Dear Content Creator,
Thank you for your interest in Merch by Amazon. Unfortunately, we do not have enough information about you to approve a Merch account but we invite you to reapply using our updated application process. As part of this application, we will request tax and banking information as well as details of your background as a designer.
When you are ready, please visit to get started.
Thank you,
Merch by Amazon
This is what I originally sent as additional information via their previous application form:

Azure Lion Productions is the professional alter-ego of published artist and illustrator Richard H. Fay. Richard creates works inspired by history, myth, folklore, and legend. His cover artworks and interior illustrations have appeared in a variety of science fiction, fantasy, and horror publications. Items featuring his artworks and designs currently sell internationally through three different PoD sites: Zazzle, CafePress, and Redbubble.