Thursday, January 19, 2017

On my use of "rampant" instead of "segreant"...

In a comment somewhere (I think in one of my stores), a pedantic expert on heraldry once pointed out that, for a heraldic griffin rearing up with fore paws raised, the term "segreant" is technically more correct than the term "rampant". However, some of my sources use the term "rampant" for such griffins. At least one heraldry web site states that "segreant" is an alternative form of "rampant" used exclusively for griffins ( I believe it might also used for winged dragons like the wyvern). Anyway, I think "rampant' is a less obscure term than "segreant". As a store owner, I don't want to get too obscure by getting too technical when naming and tagging my designs. Ultimately, I go with what seems to work best in my stores.

Rebuilding my Azure Lion Productions CafePress Shop.

I recently re-opened and am currently working at rebuilding my Azure Lion Productions CafePress Shop. I'm trying to make it, if not bigger, at least better than it was before. Some recent additions to the shop include (trying for a diverse mix):
"Griffin Rampant Sable"
"Tentacled Monstrosity"
"Scootering With The Wind Riders"
"Cute Vampire"
"Red Rose of Lancaster"
"Mechanical Dragon"
"German Eagle"
"Multi-Colour Heraldic-Style Rose"
"Lion Rampant Gules"
"It Wants To Come In"
“Goblin Trick or Treat”
“Leek and Daffodil Crossed”
“Unicorn Rampant”
“Tortured Souls”
“Apothecary Shop”
“They Come in Peace”
“Denizens of the Diabolic Wood”
“Tudor Rose”

Friday, January 6, 2017

Photos of " "Eastern Dragon Ceramic Ornament"

Here are the two photos of my "Eastern Dragon Ceramic Ornament" that I added to the "Media" section of my Richard Fay/Azure Lion Productions Zazzle Store. That means my store is finally at 100% completion.

"You Coo-Coo"

Earlier today, over in another artist’s Facebook thread, I was told that I “coo coo”, but not to take it personally, I think it’s funny when someone flings a possible insult, veiled or otherwise, my way and then tells me not to take it personally. It’s crap like that why I hate trying to make meaningful connections and network with other creatives. I usually see it more in the writing field than in the field of visual art, but I know some visual artists are capable of such crap.

You know what? It’s a fact that I’m a science fiction/fantasy/horror artist and illustrator. It’s also a fact that I’m a speculative poet on occasion. Having a great imagination is a prerequisite for doing what I do. I’ve also been known to use my imagination to meld diverse styles of imagery, like melding sci-fi with the medieval. If stating such facts and sharing one example of my art that exemplifies what I’m talking about means I’m “coo-cooing”, so be it!

Anyway, I’m an artist who has developed his own style. That’s not just a baseless brag, others have called my style “unique”!

Oh, and if some artists have a problem with me including original publication info and a copyright notice when I share examples of my published art: TOUGH! It’s not “coo-cooing”, it’s notifying people that the work was previously published and that I own the copyright to that previously published work! I bet my intellectual property rights lawyer would recommend I ALWAYS include a copyright notice.

Of course, if the artist meant “you are coo-coo” instead of “you coo-coo”, then they might have been calling me a lunatic instead of a braggart. However, I’m sane enough to know what works for me. Call me crazy or call me a braggart, either way, I find it kind of insulting.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Adventure Havens: Apothecaries and Alchemists

Now in print: 

Adventure Havens: Apothecaries and Alchemists

I did the cover artwork and the interior shop signs for this one. I can finally say that my artwork appears in a published fantasy role playing game book, which has always been a dream of mine ever since I purchased my first Dungeons & Dragons Basic and Expert rule books back in the 1980s. Though I have cut back on my involvement with publications in general, I'm always willing to do this sort of work on assignment.

I will have to frame one of my artist copies to hang in my library alongside some of the other publications featuring my cover artworks.