Thursday, September 14, 2017

A 3-for-3 Day!

It's a 3-for-3 day! I've seen sales today in all three of my PoD stores (my Azure Lion Productions Zazzle Store, my Azure Lion Productions CafePress Shop, and my Richard Fay Redbubble Shop). This is the first time I've seen a 3-for-3 day in quite a while, especially since my CafePress sales took a significant downturn.

Sold 9/14/2017 through Zazzle to a customer in Congleton, England: twenty sheets of Tudor Rose Stickers.

Sold 9/14/2017 through CafePress to a customer in NY, US: one Thistle Sticker.

Sold 9/14/2017 through Redbubble to a customer in the UK: 4x Sticker of Thistle, Size Small.

Selling Stickers

I think it funny that, while I seem to sell more stickers than anything else, some PoD artists/designers simply refuse to sell stickers at all, apparently because the royalties on stickers are so low. I suppose these PoD artists/designers figure that customers will buy more expensive items if stickers are unavailable. However, I'm not sure it really works that way. Additionally, what those refusing to sell stickers don't get is that those low royalties do add up over time. They add up even quicker when selling multiple quantities. Just today, I sold one "Thistle" sticker through CafePress, four "Thistle" stickers through Redbubble and twenty sheets of "Tudor Rose" stickers through Zazzle. As long as it clears, I'll be receiving over $8.00 in royalties for that last sale. That's not bad for just stickers!

It would be foolish of me to refuse to make stickers available through my stores.

Friday, September 1, 2017

August PoD Sales Stats

For those who pay attention to such things, my PoD sales stats for August 2017:

Zazzle - 11 sales (several of which were of multiple items), 0 cancellations (compare that to August 2016, when I saw 9 sales, again some of which were of multiple items, and 0 cancellations).

CafePress - 4 orders, 7 items total sold, 0 cancellations (compare that to 2 orders, 2 items sold, and 3 cancellations, in August 2016).

Redbubble - 5 orders, 11 items total sold (compare that to 10 orders, 13 items total sold, in August 2016).