Tuesday, August 1, 2017

PoD Sales Stats for July

For those who are interested in such things, my PoD sales stats for July:

Zazzle - 11 sales with 1 cancellation (the item was reordered) this July (2017), 17 sales with 2 cancellations last July (2016).

CafePress - 4 sales this July, 1 sale with 2 cancellations (the customer attempted to order the item twice before the order went through) last July.

Redbubble - 6 sales this July, 4 sales last July.

So, my Zazzle sales went down, but not by much, while my CafePress sales and Redbubble sales actually went up slightly. However, to be fair, the CafePress sales and cancellations in July 2016 reflect the hit my sales took after my failed experiment trying to sell solely through the CafePress Marketplace.

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