Thursday, July 20, 2017

College Makes Men Transgender - Say, What?

According to Christian Looney Tune Pat Robertson, "...College Turns Men Into 'Transgenders’ Who Believe in Evolution And Global Warming".

Jesus Christ, what a nutter!

Well, I accepted the scientific theory and fact of evolution before I went to college, but seeing as how I went to college for biology, I'm sure it reinforced my acceptance of evolution as both theory and fact. I also took atmospheric science 101 in college, which means I have enough basic knowledge of climate to accept the findings of all those science articles I've read explaining that global warming is real. As for college turning men transgender, I might not be the manliest man going, but I am still a man. I'm also a husband and a father. I was actually married by the time I went to university, and my daughter was born before I graduated.

Anyway, I guess the Pope is actually a disciple of Satan because the current Pope also believes in evolution and global warming.

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