Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Been Sellin' For a While Now

Just to clarify...

When it comes to selling my art, or selling merchandise featuring my art, I'm no newbie.
I've been selling my art, which many people have called "unique" in style, before there was ever a Zazzle, or a CafePress, or a Redbubble. I sold my art, as framed art and bookmarks, at a local medieval fair before there were ever such things as Zazzle, or CafePress, or Redbubble.

Before I ever sold merchandise featuring my art through PoD stores, I sold artworks and illustrations to various small-press publications. My interior illustrations and filler artworks have appeared in a plethora of publications, while my cover artworks have also appeared on a number of different publications.

My art sold on PoD merchandise before I ever had a store of my own. An editor/publisher friend of mine once had a Zazzle store and featured some of my works on merchandise she made available through her store )I got a cut of the royalties). And, yes, items featuring some of my works did indeed sell through her store.

I've had my own Zazzle store since June 2010. I sold my first item (a "Robin in Sherwood" T shirt) through my own store July 8th of that same year. I've been selling fairly regularly through my Zazzle store ever since.

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