Friday, January 6, 2017

"You Coo-Coo"

Earlier today, over in another artist’s Facebook thread, I was told that I “coo coo”, but not to take it personally, I think it’s funny when someone flings a possible insult, veiled or otherwise, my way and then tells me not to take it personally. It’s crap like that why I hate trying to make meaningful connections and network with other creatives. I usually see it more in the writing field than in the field of visual art, but I know some visual artists are capable of such crap.

You know what? It’s a fact that I’m a science fiction/fantasy/horror artist and illustrator. It’s also a fact that I’m a speculative poet on occasion. Having a great imagination is a prerequisite for doing what I do. I’ve also been known to use my imagination to meld diverse styles of imagery, like melding sci-fi with the medieval. If stating such facts and sharing one example of my art that exemplifies what I’m talking about means I’m “coo-cooing”, so be it!

Anyway, I’m an artist who has developed his own style. That’s not just a baseless brag, others have called my style “unique”!

Oh, and if some artists have a problem with me including original publication info and a copyright notice when I share examples of my published art: TOUGH! It’s not “coo-cooing”, it’s notifying people that the work was previously published and that I own the copyright to that previously published work! I bet my intellectual property rights lawyer would recommend I ALWAYS include a copyright notice.

Of course, if the artist meant “you are coo-coo” instead of “you coo-coo”, then they might have been calling me a lunatic instead of a braggart. However, I’m sane enough to know what works for me. Call me crazy or call me a braggart, either way, I find it kind of insulting.

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