Thursday, January 19, 2017

On my use of "rampant" instead of "segreant"...

In a comment somewhere (I think in one of my stores), a pedantic expert on heraldry once pointed out that, for a heraldic griffin rearing up with fore paws raised, the term "segreant" is technically more correct than the term "rampant". However, some of my sources use the term "rampant" for such griffins. At least one heraldry web site states that "segreant" is an alternative form of "rampant" used exclusively for griffins ( I believe it might also used for winged dragons like the wyvern). Anyway, I think "rampant' is a less obscure term than "segreant". As a store owner, I don't want to get too obscure by getting too technical when naming and tagging my designs. Ultimately, I go with what seems to work best in my stores.

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