Monday, July 4, 2016


This afternoon, Michele and I went to the theater to see THE CONJURING 2 (we had free passes that we needed to use sooner or later). I have to say, I was actually kind of impressed. THE CONJURING 2 seemed to be at least as good, if not even better, than the original. It was atmospheric, it did a fine job of building up the tension, and there were plenty of genuinely scary "jump out of your seat" moments. In some ways, the second Conjuring film may have been a bit more polished than the first. Also, as in the first film, Vera Farmiga did a splendid job portraying a young Lorraine Warren. My one complaint may be that the climax seemed a bit thin, but it's really a minor complaint. I will say this - this time around may have been even more "diabolic" than the first, so much so that I'm currently playing Gregorian chants on my computer's media player as I type this!

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