Sunday, July 10, 2016

Haunted House Back on Market

Every so often, for curiosity's sake, Michele checks to see if the haunted house we lived in for eleven years is back on the market. Well, lo and behold, it is! This time, the latest owners (number six in ten years) kept it for all of three months before putting it back on the market, at a loss. As a matter of fact, they just reduced their asking price.

I'm not saying that the supernatural is to blame for the house changing owners so many times since we walked away from it a decade ago. I'm not saying that the latest owners are selling because the house is haunted. There could be other reasons. What I am saying is that, having lived through what I lived through in that house, it makes me wonder.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Recent Sales

I thought I would post about some of my recent sales -

Sold 7/4/2016 through Redbubble to a customer in the US:
1x Poster of Denizens of the Diabolic Wood
Finish: Semi Gloss
Size: Small (16.4" x 21.3")

Sold 7/8/2016 through Redbubble to a customer in the UK:
1x Sticker of Thistle
Size: Large (216mm x 185mm)

Sold 7/4/2016 through Zazzle (via a 3rd party) to a customer in Denbigh, Wales:
1 yd. of Red Dragon of Wales Fabric.

Sold 7/6/2016 through Zazzle to a customer in Onalaska, WI:
five sheets of Polish Eagle Return Address Labels.

Sold 7/8/2016 through Zazzle (via a 3rd party) to a customer in Lancaster, CA:
three Lighthouse Air Fresheners.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Added "Cavern Dragon 2016" to Society6

I added my new fantasy artwork "Cavern Dragon 2016" to Society6, in part because I wanted someplace to offer a print featuring the image on a blue background. Over at Redbubble, the image I used for prints and cards appears on a clear background.

Added "Cavern Dragon 2016" to Redbubble Portfolio

I just added my latest fantasy artwork, "Cavern Dragon 2016", to my Redbubble portfolio. This is a reworking of a concept I first used on a bookmark when I sold hand-coloured art and bookmarks at a local medieval fair and a few local arts and crafts fairs. I later tried to revive the concept, in circular form, in 2010. However, that rendition of the concept was, quite frankly, awful. The less said about my 2010 version, the better! This latest rendition is much, much better.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Wonderful Comment About a Story of Mine

Comment a friend posted recently on Facebook in response to my horror short story “The Redcap of Glamtallon” (I hope he doesn’t mind me re-sharing the comment here):

“Having myself worked in a medieval castle, I feel you’ve captured the essence of such a building wonderfully. To be honest, it took me right back to the end of the shift and the rather unenviable task of having to lock down a famously haunted site. Kudos on a genuinely creepy story that is so descriptively accurate.”


This afternoon, Michele and I went to the theater to see THE CONJURING 2 (we had free passes that we needed to use sooner or later). I have to say, I was actually kind of impressed. THE CONJURING 2 seemed to be at least as good, if not even better, than the original. It was atmospheric, it did a fine job of building up the tension, and there were plenty of genuinely scary "jump out of your seat" moments. In some ways, the second Conjuring film may have been a bit more polished than the first. Also, as in the first film, Vera Farmiga did a splendid job portraying a young Lorraine Warren. My one complaint may be that the climax seemed a bit thin, but it's really a minor complaint. I will say this - this time around may have been even more "diabolic" than the first, so much so that I'm currently playing Gregorian chants on my computer's media player as I type this!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Front-Row Seats to a Three-Car Accident

Yesterday, Michele and I had front-row seats to a three-car accident in the Latham Hannaford parking lot. An old bat in a red car ripped the bumper clean off a black compact SUV and spun the larger vehicle around. Then, after grinding past the SUV, instead of stopping or even slowing down, the woman drove over the curb and plowed full-force into the back of a car legally parked in a handicapped spot, a car owned by the mom of an old friend of ours, while our friend and her elderly handicapped mother were loading groceries into the trunk. That old bat came darned close to crushing our friend's mom!
As the accident unfolded before my eyes, I noticed that people were loading groceries into the parked car that the red car plowed into. I didn't know until after the events unfolded that those people happened to be an old friend and her mom. It's purely coincidence (or perhaps providence) that Michele and I happened to be there at that exact moment, that were were able to be there at that moment for our friend and her mom.

To make matters worse, the old bat must've heard me make a comment about people who shouldn't even be driving, because she started yelling at me while I'm trying to call 911! She started going on about not doing it on purpose and that everyone was against her. I told her that I was just a witness calling 911, and that she shouldn't even be talking to me. She started yelling at me again after the police showed up, and I again told her not to talk to me.

One of the officers on the scene said I probably shouldn't be talking to the woman, but I do tend to respond in some sort of fashion when being yelled at. This is especially true when I'm an innocent bystander who just witnessed a bizarre accident, one which came close to taking the life of an old friend's mom. That old bat was yelling at several people, as if she was the poor guiltless victim!

BTW, if there hadn't been a handicapped parking sign on a sturdy concrete post in front of our friend's mom's car that stopped it from going into the car parked in the spot opposite, there very well could have been a FOURTH car involved in the overall accident.

Friday, July 1, 2016

New Sci-Fi Art on Cover of July SPACEPORTS & SPIDERSILK

It’s July! That means the July issue of Spaceports  & Spidersilk is out, with my fun sci-fi artwork “Scootering with the Wind Riders” on the cover. Check it out!