Wednesday, June 15, 2016

VINDICATION! (Hopefully)

Message received a little while ago from the Society6 Legal Team:

S6 Legal Team, June 15, 2:19pm
Hi Richard,

Thank you for sending the counter NOCI over.

We've reviewed the image and realized that it was inadvertantly removed from the site. We have since reactivated the image and it should be available again shortly.

Again, thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation in the matter.

S6 Legal Team
That's what I've been saying all along! Sometimes it takes a signed legal document to get through to some people, especially lawyers (says the guy who's married to one ).

Moral of the story: stick to your guns (figuratively speaking) and protect your intellectual property rights. If you are a creator who believes your work was removed from a site by mistake, do something about it.

Of course, I can't help but to wonder - is this truly the end of the legal wrangling over my original non-derivative dark artwork "Legion", or is this just the beginning? Whatever the future may bring, I will restate here and now, I have a good faith belief that my original non-derivative dark artwork "Legion" was wrongly removed from the Society6 marketplace. I am the creator and copyright owner of the image, an image that was originally published (as a black and white interior illustration) in the Autumn 2013 issue of Star*Line, the official newsletter of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. I am credited for the piece in the table of contents right on the SFPA web page for that issue:

As for anything beyond the image itself infringing upon another's intellectual property rights, I cannot see how my title of "Legion, a rather general word, might truly infringe upon another's intellectual property rights. As a matter of fact, when I recently performed a search for "legion" art prints over on Society6, the search results displayed several diverse works by various artists with that very same title. I saved a screenshot of the first page of search results, just in case.

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