Saturday, June 11, 2016


How's this for versatility? Looking back at some of my past publications, I've realized that I've had works appear in both a "magazine focused on publishing extremely dark, sexually charged fiction and poetry" ("Cosmic Grind" in Infernal Ink Magazine, Vol. 1, Issue 2) AND an anthology of "spiritually infused speculative fiction" ("Morning Stars Sing in the Speculative Realm", "Cosmic Journey", "Ethereal Journey", and "Book of Dimensions" in While the Morning Stars Sing). One publication is published by a member of the Church of Satan, while the other was published by a part-time Christian preacher!

Of course, my published works are not necessarily reflective of my own personal beliefs. Call me a hack if you will, but I can write and draw for my audience. Not that I always create with a specific audience in mind; I've been known to write and draw for myself and my muse. I might follow  wherever my muse leads, whether it be toward the light or into darkness.

Additionally, I've had works published in BOTH publications that are definitely adult in nature (like Infernal Ink Magazine) AND publications for younger readers (like Beyond Centauri). Although I've had some poems published in venues for younger readers (e.g. my poem "The Brownie" in FrostFire Worlds, Issue 1, and my scifaiku "silver dragon" in Beyond Centauri, Issue 36), my artworks in particular seem especially appropriate for use by such publications (several of my artworks have been used as door art on issues of Spaceports & Spidersilk and on the covers of issues of Kids'Magination). And yet, some of my darker artworks have appeared in publications positively meant for adult readers!

Yep, that's versatility, alright!

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