Saturday, June 11, 2016

Life is the Life

Roused from decades of sepulchral slumber
By savage cannonades and rifle fire,
Departing the dark comfort of my tomb,
I roam a mad world ripped apart by war.

Venturing forth like a smoky blue veil
Wafting across this cratered countryside,
Searching for the base essence of being,
I am drawn to fields of lingering death.

Drifting amidst battle-broken bodies,
Ignoring agonizing cries of pain,
Invisible to dimming mortal eyes,
I harvest embers of vitality.

Finding a suitably ravaged vessel,
Sensing sustenance within battered flesh,
I drain lifeblood to feed this hungry soul;
A dying youth becomes my golden cup.

Energies flow from spirit to spirit,
Fuelling my ethereal existence.
Leaving behind the soldier’s empty husk,
I retreat into deepening shadows

(Originally published in The Monsters Next Door, Contest Issue 4.5, November 15, 2008. Poetry Winner, The Monsters Next Door “Through My Eyes” Writing Contest. )

Copyright © 2008 Richard H. Fay

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