Monday, May 23, 2016

More CafePress Woes

I closed my Azure Lion Productions Cafepress Shop because I couldn’t add or edit items. Now most of the items I added recently through the Marketplace seem to have vanished. WTF?! (I half suspect items I added today will vanish in the next 24-48 hours.)

Message I sent earlier today to the CafePress support team:

“I got so frustrated with the inability to edit the sections and items in my Azure Lion Productions CafePress Shop that I closed down the shop. I seem to be able to add items through the marketplace “Add Designs”/“List in Marketplace”, and I seem to be able to edit those designs through “Manage Designs”. However, most product links do not seem to work. Why is this happening, and can it be corrected? I cannot promote products I cannot link to.“

Oh, well. Whatever may happen with the mess over at CafePress, there’s still Zazzle. And Redbubble. And Society6.  I DO sell through other places besides just CafePress.

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