Friday, May 13, 2016

Durrow Knotwork 2016

I added my “Durrow Knotwork 2016”, a design based on interlace designs seen on one of the carpet pages in the 7th century Insular (aka Hiberno-Saxon) illuminated manuscript known as the Book of Durrow, to Society6. I had done a version of “Durrow Knotwork” a while back, but this 2016 version is more like those seen in the manuscript.

Though I used a couple of Dover books (Early Medieval Designs from Britain for Artists and Craftspeople and Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Art and Ornament in Color) as my main references while drawing this latest version of the Durrow knotwork design, the Book of Durrow carpet page featuring the knotwork designs used as basis for "Durrow Knotwork 2016" can be seen here:

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