Sunday, April 24, 2016

Not So Great Trip To Montreal

A couple of hours ago, Michele and I got back from a three-day trip to Montreal. I cannot say we had an especially good time, though we did get to see some pretty incredible sights. However, an awful train ride up (there was a rowdy group of sixty-something sots on the train who kept getting drunker, and drunker, and drunker, and rowdier, and rowdier, and rowdier), a surprise limitation of funds due to the hotel unexpectedly holding a couple hundred dollars, some frustratingly aimless wandering, and a nerve-wracking slow train ride back (the train was held up at the customs check point for about two hours, until the customs agents finally escorted one passenger off the train), made for a less-than-pleasant trip overall. And then, even though our daughter kept checking on the cats over the past three days, we came home to cat puke all over the bedroom, including on the comforter on our our bed! As exhausted as I am from wandering the streets of Montreal and then spending most of today on a slow train ride back to the Capital District, I'm going to have to stay up all night laundering bedding.
On the plus side, I did take lots of picture, I hope some came out okay. I'll post the best once I get them uploaded.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Michele and I couldn't even find a seat when we first got on the train going to Montreal. We were told there were empty seats, though we might not be able to sit together, but whenever there appeared to be a free seat, the passenger seated next to it either claimed it was taken or was lying down asleep across both seats. We walked back-and-forth, hauling our luggage from one end of the train to the other and back again, until we said enough is enough and sat in the cafe car seats, even though an Amtrak employee had initially told us we couldn't site there. Eventually, the conductor came by and said we could sit there until other seats became free as people got off the train further down the line.

Of course, the trip wasn't ALL bad. We stayed in a famous four-and-a-half star hotel. Friday afternoon, after arriving in Montreal and checking in at the hotel, we took in a few of the surrounding sights. Friday evening we had a really nice pub-style meal in the hotel lounge. Saturday afternoon, we took a lovely bus tour of Montreal that pretty much covered everything. Saturday evening, we had cocktails in the hotel lounge. We also caught a glimpse of a movie crew filming on the streets of Montreal, which was kind of cool!However, the train ride up and back were the worst experiences we've had on Amtrak yet! I usually enjoy traveling by rail, but this time was awful!

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