Monday, March 21, 2016

Slight Revision to "Three Medieval Swords 2016"

Because I am a ridiculous perfectionist, I made a slight revision to my "Three Medieval Swords 2016". Last night, I realized that I probably shouldn't have added a central ridge to the Brazil nut pommel of the Norman Sword. When I initially drew the piece, I used a rather dark photo of one particular medieval sword as my guide. In the photo, it looks as if the sword's pommel does indeed have a central ridge, but that might not be typical of Brazil nut pommels in general. I decided that I should remove the line running down the center of the pommel and make it appear less faceted and more smooth-faced. So, I stayed up late making the change. I just spent the last few minutes adding the newly reworked image to items over at Society6, and I plan to do the same over at Redbubble."

Three Medieval Swords 2016

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