Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hedgehog Running Wild in Upstate New York?

Okay, call me crazy since there aren't any hedgehogs native to the United States, but I swear I've seen a hedgehog at the side of the road at night at least a few nights now. I wonder if somebody set one or more pet hedgehogs free. I know local pet stores do or did sell hedgehogs.

Why do I think I've spotted a hedgehog running wild in Brunswick, NY? Because I've seen something weird at the side of the road when Michele and I have had to go out after dark. This something looked to me like a critter, smaller than a porcupine, with a dark, potentially spiny back, lighter round face, and bright red shining eyes right down at ground level. At first, I wasn't sure what it was that I had spotted, but the other day I noticed that our small figurine of a hedgehog, when looked at face-on, looks amazingly like what I have seen. Earlier today,
I looked online for some info about hedgehogs, and discovered that, being nocturnal animals, they have a reddish eyeshine.I've seen a porcupine in the wild; I know what porcupines look like. This unusual critter just doesn't look like a porcupine to me. It's smaller and lower. Plus, I swear that round light brown face with brightly shining eyes is a hedgehog face!

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