Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Norman Sword Illustration on Society6

Last week, I drew a decorative band based on an early medieval border design carving. Today, I added this design, as a pair of bands either side of the blade, to the Norman sword from my "Three Medieval Swords 2016". I've already added the completed "Norman Sword" artwork to Society6:

Norman Sword

by Richard Fay

Monday, March 21, 2016

Sellin' Stickers

The reason I don't mind selling stickers through Redbubble and CafePress...
Though the royalty earned from each individual sticker sale tends to be quite low (in some cases, merely a few cents), over time the royalties from several such sales start adding up. I typically sell a heck of a lot of stickers. 16 of the 19 items I've sold so far this month through CafePress have been stickers. 10 of the 15 items I've sold so far this month through Redbubble have been stickers. I've even seen some multiple-quantity sticker sales. Plus, when it comes to Redbubble, I think their one-off die-cut stickers are just plain cool!

Some of my most-recent sticker sales:

Sold last Thursday (3/17/2016) through Redbubble to a customer in Australia: four stickers of Thistle and four stickers of Scottish Thistle and Saltire.

Sold last Thursday (3/17/2016) through Redbubble to a customer in the UK: one sticker of Leek and Daffodil Crossed.

Sold this past Saturday (3/19/2016) through CafePress to a customer in Fort Lauderdale, FL, US: one Irish Harp Sticker.

Sold yesterday (3/20/2016) through CafePress to a customer in in Saint Cloud, FL, US: one They Come in Peace UFO on Starfield Sticker.

Sold today (3/21/2016) through CafePress to a customer in Mordialloc, VIC, AU: one Scottish Thistle and Saltire Sticker.

Sold today (3/21/2016) through CafePress to a customer in Rosemount, MN, US: one Scottish Thistle and Saltire Sticker.

Slight Revision to "Three Medieval Swords 2016"

Because I am a ridiculous perfectionist, I made a slight revision to my "Three Medieval Swords 2016". Last night, I realized that I probably shouldn't have added a central ridge to the Brazil nut pommel of the Norman Sword. When I initially drew the piece, I used a rather dark photo of one particular medieval sword as my guide. In the photo, it looks as if the sword's pommel does indeed have a central ridge, but that might not be typical of Brazil nut pommels in general. I decided that I should remove the line running down the center of the pommel and make it appear less faceted and more smooth-faced. So, I stayed up late making the change. I just spent the last few minutes adding the newly reworked image to items over at Society6, and I plan to do the same over at Redbubble."

Three Medieval Swords 2016

Sunday, March 20, 2016

No More Written Works of Mine Over on Redbubble

I deleted my stories, poems, and articles from my Redbubble portfolio. I want the portfolio to showcase my visual art, so I removed potential distractions from the art. Plus, I think such a removal makes the portfolio more consistent.

SOLD Today!

SOLD today through Redbubble to a customer in the US:
1x T-Shirt of "Tudor Rose"
Style: Unisex T-Shirt
Size: M
Body Color: Dark Blue
Print Location: Front

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hedgehog Running Wild in Upstate New York?

Okay, call me crazy since there aren't any hedgehogs native to the United States, but I swear I've seen a hedgehog at the side of the road at night at least a few nights now. I wonder if somebody set one or more pet hedgehogs free. I know local pet stores do or did sell hedgehogs.

Why do I think I've spotted a hedgehog running wild in Brunswick, NY? Because I've seen something weird at the side of the road when Michele and I have had to go out after dark. This something looked to me like a critter, smaller than a porcupine, with a dark, potentially spiny back, lighter round face, and bright red shining eyes right down at ground level. At first, I wasn't sure what it was that I had spotted, but the other day I noticed that our small figurine of a hedgehog, when looked at face-on, looks amazingly like what I have seen. Earlier today,
I looked online for some info about hedgehogs, and discovered that, being nocturnal animals, they have a reddish eyeshine.I've seen a porcupine in the wild; I know what porcupines look like. This unusual critter just doesn't look like a porcupine to me. It's smaller and lower. Plus, I swear that round light brown face with brightly shining eyes is a hedgehog face!

Free Worldwide Shipping!

Over at Society6: Free Worldwide Shipping is on now thru Sunday, 3/20 @ midnight PT.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Scottish Stuff Sold This Saint Patrick's Day.

You would think that, when I see some sales this Saint Patrick's Day, I might actually see some Irish stuff sell. On the contrary, 'tis Scottish stuff selling today! Mind you, I'm not complaining, a sale is a sale. I just think it's kind of funny.

Maybe I'll sell some Irish stuff on Saint Andrew's Day. ;)

SOLD today through Redbubble to a customer in Australia:

4x Sticker of "Scottish Thistle & Saltire"
Size: Small (76mm x 101mm)

4x Sticker of "Thistle"
Size: Small (76mm x 101mm)

DVD Player Woes

The other night, the DVD player scratched up the first disc in the ONE STEP BEYOND boxed set so badly that the disc wouldn't play. I'm pretty sure the player is to blame, since I don't think the disc was scratched going in, and the scratches looked like a scuff marks in an arc. Last night I tried playing another of the discs from the ONE STEP BEYOND boxed set, and the player kept stuttering and seizing up through one episode. This stopped for a while when I turned the player on and off, but then it started up again. That's when I decided enough was enough, removed the disc to avoid damaging it, and shut the player down for the night!

I think it's time for a new DVD player.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

"Ancient Greek Blades" (New Version) on Society6

I added a new version of my "Ancient Greek Blades" to Society6. I did have another version up on S6 for a while, but since there seemed to be some problems with the print image showing up, I took it down. Admittedly, the earlier version was on the small size. This version, now with a fuzzy black border, is a full 8" x 10".
Use the following promo link and get FREE Worldwide Shipping + 15% Off New Carry-All Pouches when you order from my Society6 Store (Promotion expires March 6, 2016 at Midnight Pacific Time):

A note on my "Ancient Greek Blades": a Game Design TA at Vancouver Film School had included  my illustration (with proper attribution) among the various images used to illustrate his article "Into the Armoury: Antiquity" on the ARCADE - VFS GAME DESIGN site. If you scroll down in the article, you can see my artwork heading the section on "The Sword". I always thought that was kind of cool.