Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Disaster

Well, this Christmas ended up being a disaster, in part because of my big mouth, my stubbornness, and my temper (plus a large does of tiredness to boot), but I REFUSE to carry the full burden of blame alone. It takes two to argue.

One thing I learned - it's probably not a good idea to argue gun control with a gun enthusiast while sitting at the dinner table during Christmas lunch. It could very well ruin Christmas. It ruined mine.

Right at this very moment, I feel as if all that work I put into Christmas lunch, especially all the work making pierogi, was for naught, since the after-meal conversation turned into an argument that effectively killed the whole Christmas spirit. Right at this very moment, I wonder why I bother.

I used to love Christmas. I used to enjoy the Christmas season. Right now, I hate it. Right now, it means nothing to me but lots of work, cooking and cleaning until I'm so exhausted that what little patience I have for people has been eroded away. Yes, I get tired doing all that work, Yes, when I'm tired, I get easily irritated. Yes, when irritated, I have little patience for stupid arguments at the dinner table.

Merry Christmas? Not this year! Christmas ended up being less than merry and now I absolutely do not feel like celebrating anything. I also feel rather hated at the moment.
One thing that puzzles me a bit is this: why am I expected to be the one to back down in an argument and drop the subject when the argument occurs in my own home and the person arguing with me just partook of a wonderful meal I spent two days preparing? Such is life, I guess.

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