Monday, October 26, 2015

Snorer Slurper

With all my complaining about Regal Stadium 18's screw-up when showing the TCM/Fathom double feature of Dracula/Spanish Dracula, I forgot to mention another annoyance during that film event - the snorer slurper. A guy all by himself situated a few seats down in the same row as us made verbal comments through a good part of the first half of the English version. However, he must have found the second half boring, since it seems he fell fast asleep. I heard him snoring! Then, at one point during the long break between films, the same guy let those around him know he was going to the men's room. He then purchased a drink, which he proceeded to suck down in a rather noisy slurping manner, complete with the occasional belch! Thankfully, snorer slurper decided not to wait for Regal Stadium 18 to get Spanish Dracula up and running. He left before they started the second film.

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