Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dracula/Spanish Dracula Double Feature Disaster: Waited Over an Hour to See Spanish Dracula

What an awful experience! Michele and I went to Regal Stadium 18 in Crossgates Mall to see the TCM & Fathom Events presents Dracula (1931)/Spanish Dracula (1931) double feature. The experience started off okay, though it seems they skipped over the specially produced introduction by Ben Mankiewicz that was supposed to have been shown with the films (according to what it says in TCM's own advertising for this event). The English language version starring Bela Lugosi ran on time with no serious issues. Actually, it was cool to see it on the big screen. One could catch details you simply can't catch watching it on the small screen. Lugosi's face in close-up shots truly looked frightening projected onto the big screen. However, as soon as the first film ended, things took a turn for the worse.

The moment the English version ended, the screen went blank. At first, it seemed the break was merely an intermission, but that intermission kept getting longer, and longer, and longer. Apparently, those running the show at Regal Stadium 18 didn't realize that the event was a double feature.Oops! It took them over an hour to get the Spanish-language version up and running.

The theater was close to empty to begin with, and it got emptier as the wait got longer. Some people didn't wait the hour and left before Regal Stadium 18 got the Spanish language version up and running. There were only six people left in the theater when they finally got it to work.

Funny thing is, last time Michele and I went to a Fathom Event at Crossgates, when we went to go see THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR in the theater, there was a problem with getting the film up and running. We never did get to see the full intro, though the feature itaself played just fine.

Admittedly, Regal Stadium 18 did end up handing out readmission passes for waiting so long to see the second half of the double feature. Even so, I doubt I would consider going to another Fathom Event at the theaters in Crossgates.

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