Friday, September 18, 2015

Zazzle Store zRank: I Don't Think I Like the Sound of This!

Apparently, Zazzle now has this zRank that has something to do with how well your store is optimized for their system. It's a ranking from 1-10, 1 being the least optimized, 10 being the most. Currently, my store is ranked at a measly 3. Though I would say I sell pretty well through my Richard Fay/Azure Lion Productions Zazzle Store (just this morning I sold a Late Medieval Sword Tie to a customer in Gothenburg, Sweden), it seems Zazzle's zRank algorithm considers more than mere sales. As a matter of fact, they say it is not a measurement of revenue. It looks to me as if they are pushing, among other things, creating and sharing "collections ".

Why is this important? Well, according to Zazzle:
"zRank is not currently factored into marketplace search results but will be in the near feature."
In other words, I take it to mean that products from lower ranked stores will appear lower down in marketplace search results, meaning stuff from lower-ranked stores might get lost in the crowd and never be seen by potential customers.

Good grief! It sounds like Zazzle is now playing Facebook-type algorithm games!

I hate to say it, but If Zazzle becomes too much of a time sink for me, if I have to do a lot more than design products to sell products featuring my art through Zazzle (and at this point, I DO sell through Zazzle), I might stop designing new products for my Zazzle store. There is always my Azure Lion Productions CafePress Shop. I already sell regularly through that shop, and I could start concentrating on that one instead of my Zazzle one. I've already gotten behind in adding new stuff to that shop, in part because I've been concentrating on my stores on other sites (like Zazzle).

I will see about creating and sharing some collections over on Zazzle, but I can't let it take up all of my time. Time is precious, and time wasted on creating collections is time lost creating new art and new products.

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