Friday, August 28, 2015

Wrote First Draft of ANDREW OF ARMAR 30+ Yrs Ago

Recently, I realized that I wrote the very first, very rough, draft of my fantasy novel ANDREW OF ARMAR over thirty years ago. Written mostly for kicks when I was in high school (ninth or tenth grade?), that original version of the story was handwritten on sheets of loose leaf paper. Many of the basics have remained the same (the core of the story first formed out of childhood play-acting), but a lot has changed over the years through various rewrites, reworkings, and revisions. One thing I have done in subsequent versions is tone down some of the more outrageously graphic violence present in the first draft. I seem to recall describing lots of brains and guts falling out. Alas, I'm not sure that first version still exists. Maybe that's a good thing! (I still have plenty of notes of some of rewrites I did between then and now.)

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