Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My "Wyvern": An "Oldie-but-Goodie" (And Still Sellin')

Sold last night through my Richard Fay / Azure Lion Productions Zazzle Store: one Wyvern Keychain.

The "Wyvern" is one of my "oldies-but-goodies" It's a design dating back to when I sold framed art and bookmarks at the local medieval fair and a few other local arts and crafts fairs. I used to photocopy my original line drawings onto parchment paper and then hand-color the copied drawings using colored pencils. The "Wyvern" was part of my framed art collection. I know I sold at least one copy in 2000, at the local medieval fair. Now, thanks to modern computer technology and sites like Zazzle, I sell merchandise like keychains featuring a digitally colored version of that same design.

Created in 1999 (that's the date on the drawing itself). Sold in 2000. Still sellin' in 2015. Not bad. Not bad at all.

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