Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I Believe in Ghosts! Got a Problem With That? Tough!

I think it's funny when some people make assumptions about me and my world view based on the fact that I say I believe in ghosts, a belief based upon a number of personal observations and experiences. I can't help that I've seen, heard, and felt odd things. These things have happened to me. I didn't ask for such experiences, but I refuse to deny those experiences just because they don't seem to fit into a so-called "rational" world view. I insist on keeping an open mind, and I have little patience for close-mindedness. I also don't pretend to have a full and complete understanding of how the universe works. According to some, all of this makes me someone who believes in odd things. If that's the case, so be it! I would rather be someone who believes in odd things than be someone who is so closed-minded that he must deny any and all of his personal experiences that fall outside of the accepted norm.

I am also someone with a degree in science, someone who was an outstanding student while in college and a stellar laboratory technician afterward, someone with notable observational skills. Even so, that doesn't seem to matter much to some people.

With my own experiences, I try to find "rational" explanations for them, but some are not so easily explained away. Some defy rational explanations. And when a so-called rational skeptic says something to me like "folie à deux" (madness of two) to explain away an experience I happened to shared with another, I start to think these skeptics aren't really very rational at all. Also, considering that I am an intelligent person with a degree in science, someone who worked in science for many years, I find such an explanation to be rather insulting!

I've said that I believe in ghosts, but I've never said I have a thorough understanding of what ghosts are. I suspect there are many different things lumped into the overall category of "ghost". I've also said that I have reasons to suspect that at least some ghosts may be the spirits of the dead. That's what some appear to be, anyway, but I do know that appearances can be deceiving. Even so, I try to keep an open mind regarding the whole subject of "life after death". If that open-mindedness bothers some people, maybe they are the ones with the problem, not me.