Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Read More Than Just Books About Animals and Monsters?

It's funny. Way back when I was in grade school, one of my teachers told my mother that she wished I would read more than just books about animals and monsters. Being the type who often listened to such stupidity, my mother started to pester me about developing other interests. She actually displayed a distaste for my obsession with monsters and horror. It became obvious that she disapproved of my interests.

The funny thing is, the kid who read all those books about animals went on to earn a B.S. in Biology and actually worked for a time in biology labs. The kid who showed such an interest in monsters and horror grew up to become an adult who draws monsters and writes horror verse and prose. I've even sold my dark creations!

BTW, I read LOTS of books about animals and nature when I was in college. One of my favourites was the textbook for invertebrate zoology. I kept that one for years afterward.

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