Sunday, May 10, 2015

Artwork in Submission Limbo 80 Days, Probably Time to Withdraw It

A weird dark artwork of mine has been in submission limbo for 80 days now. The message I received from the publication that acknowledged receipt of the submission stated a response time of 60 days. It might be time to consider sending a query letter. However, instead of querying about the status of my submission and possibly waiting another 60-80 days for some sort of reply, I'm thinking of just withdrawing the piece and putting it up in my Redbubble portfolio and my DeviantART gallery. I'm tired of playing the publications waiting game, especially when there are other ways of getting my art out there and making some money off of it. I've done this same sort of thing before.
I originally submitted "Denizens of the Diabolic Wood" to a couple of publications, but then decided to pull it from my submission pool and add it to my Redbubble Portfolio, Zazzle Store, and CafePress Shop. Though neither publication accepted the artwork for publication, I have sold items featuring the piece through Redbubble. According to the stats on Redbubble, to date the work has seen 11 sales and 5211 views. I'm not sure the work would have had over 5,000 views had it been published in either publication.

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