Sunday, April 5, 2015

Yet Another Genre World Controversy: Who Cares?

I'm starting to think who writes genre fiction is actually more important to some people in the genre world than what's actually written. Also, I'm reminded yet again why I think that world can be a kids' playground populated by a bunch of snot-nosed brats! I have my reasons for deciding to concentrate on my art, especially art for stuff in my stores. Less insanity!

To be quite honest, being a small-time artist/poet/writer who has had works published only in "lesser zines", I really couldn't care less about the brouhaha over the Hugo awards nominations. It seems to me to that this controversy is merely the latest in an almost never-ending string of such genre world controversies. Actually, aside from the entertainment value of watching some people in that world act like bratty little children (which can be highly entertaining), I find it to be rather tiresome.

Here's my question: shouldn't these genre writers spend more time writing and less time raising a stink? Where the heck to they find all the time? It must be nice!

Now, pardon me while I actually spend some time this Easter night working on my art business.

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