Saturday, April 25, 2015

No Regrets Having Sent Works to "4 the Luv" Zines

Over the past eight years, I have submitted a number of works to non-paying venues, to "4 the luv" zines. Over the past eight years, I have seen a number of my works published in various "4 the luv" zines. For those writers who think I was wrong in doing so, I have this to say: TOUGH!

I have no regrets.

Over the past eight years, I have also submitted plenty of works to paying venues. Over the past eight years, I have also seen plenty of works published in various small-press zines that pay contributors at least a token payment for publication. The first acceptance letter I ever received, back in March 2007, was from a paying venue.

I have had poems originally published in non-paying venues see subsequent publication in paying venues as reprints. I have had artworks published in an online zine that didn't pay for works published online subsequently appear on merchandise sold through my online stores.

I don't seem to be suffering much because some of my works have appeared in "4 the luv" zines. I have had works published in a mixture of paid publications and "4 the luv" ones since I started submitting works to various publications back in March 2007. If that's a problem for certain editors, clients, customers, and colleagues, I probably don't want to deal with those people anyway!

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Richard Fay said...

BTW, I've also had plenty of poems that originally appeared in paying venues subsequently appear as reprints in "4 the Luv" zines, especially APHELION.