Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Giving All Those Adverb Haters the Finger

Hah! As I'm looking over the version of my previously published story "Father Ryan's Fright" formatted for submission to Kindle Direct Publishing, I noted my repeated use of "-ly" adverbs right in the third paragraph:

Cross scowls and sour glares met the priest's gaze when he looked up from his notes. A farmer who never tilled the earth near the local fairy mound frowned contemptuously. An herbalist suspected of having frequent liaisons with the fay snorted angrily. Some parishioners glanced anxiously toward the door, but only the drinkers who regularly slipped out to the pub before services ended actually got up and left. The sermon's subject matter had roused their thirst more than usual that day.

I used "contemptuously", "angrily", "anxiously", "regularly", and "actually", just in that one paragraph. And this is from a published story (it appeared in the November 2013 issue of Anotherealm), one that I feel may be my best yet, and one that others have called a good story.

Talk about giving all those adverb haters the finger!

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