Monday, February 2, 2015

Branding: Tiny Little Box Marked "Artist"?

I saw something on the Redbubble blog about branding:
Redbubble Talks Recap: It’s All About Your Brand

Something one of their future artists-in-residence said has me in a tizzy. Marian Machismo said:
“The greatest thing you can do for your self and your career is to take ownership for and of your brand. This includes not only your artistic output but your appearance, your work space and your environment.”

So, does that mean creating art of a distinctive style isn't enough? Must an artist also deliberately look the part of an artist? What precisely must an artist look like? Must an artist live the life of an artist? What exactly does that mean?

Personally, I think some people obsess too much over this whole "branding" thing. I often see it as just another way to shove people into tiny little boxes. Are you an artist? Then everything about you, including your appearance, your work space, and your environment, must fit into the box marked "artist".

I doubt my appearance matches what most people picture when they think "artist". I doubt my environment matches the environment most people picture when they think "an artist's environment".  However, what make's one an artist, their appearance and environment, or their artistic creations?

I know I create distinctive, uniquely styled art. Isn't that enough? Am I hurting my career as an artist because I don't necessarily look the part or live the life of an artist?

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