Sunday, January 11, 2015

Header Image for Cyberwizard Productions

"Fending Off the Cyberdragon"
Header image for  Cyberwizard Productions website
Copyright © 2015 Richard H. Fay

Crystalwizard asked me if I could come up with a header image for the new Cyberwizard Productions website. I figured I could, and when I saw the basic shape of the header, I immediately thought "dragon". Seeing as how I was doing a header for the Cyberwizard Productions site, I thought a robotic/cybernetic dragon would be appropriate. Crystalwizard requested that I include a wizard in the piece, which fit with one of the ideas I had for it. Thus, I created "Fending Off the Cyberdragon", which is now displayed as a header image on Cyberwizard Productions.

Crystalwizard's actual response to the artwork:
That is absolutely perfect, Richard :) I love it.
I also added the artwork to several items in my Azure Lion Productions Zazzle Store:


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