Monday, April 28, 2014

Contributor's Copy Arrived Today

 My contributor's copy of the Spring 2014 issue of STAR*LINE arrived in the mail today. My filler artworks "Reflections" and "Dracopterix Pursues Quad Fliers" appear in that issue. Not to sound like a broken record, but it's always nice to see my artwork in print. I think my bold clear line style reproduces well in print. I've stuck with that style ever since I sent a piece called "Punk Orc" to DRAGON magazine back in the late 1980s. They turned down the piece, but in the rejection letter, they said my art had a bold style that would reproduce well. Alas, back then, I didn't keep at submitting art to publications, and only really started submitting art to publications on a regular basis in 2007. Looking back at all the art I've had published in print zines over the last seven years, I think the editors of DRAGON magazine were right.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Norman Knight Postcard Sold to Someone in Normandy!

I like to say that I sell items featuring my art internationally, which is true enough. i've sold items to customers in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Australia, Germany, Belgium, and so on. This morning, I sold one Crusader Knight, Early 13th Century, Postcard and one Norman Knight Postcard through Zazzle to a customer in Rouen, France. Rouen is actually in Normandy, so I sold a Norman Knight Postcard to someone in Normandy! How cool is that? I say that's quite the validation of my work.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Weird Experience: Possible Episode of Sleep Paralysis

A few days ago, while I was lying in bed during the dark hours of the morning before dawn, I had a strange experience. It began when I witnessed a bright light shining through the living room window, which I can see from the bedroom. Then, as I dozed off, I heard a mechanical voice speaking robotic-sounding gibberish in my ear. I attempted to cry out "leave me alone!", but my mouth wouldn't form the words. For a disturbing moment, I couldn't move. In some ways, it was like a dream/nightmare, but more vivid than my usual dreams.

Michele thinks I'm crazy. It is possible I saw the headlights from a neighbour's car shining through the window and then dreamed or hallucinated the bizarre noise/voice. Either that, or an alien robot speaking a weird electronic language passed by my bedside.

The more I ponder over it, and the more I read about the old hag syndrome and sleep paralysis, the more I'm starting to believe that I experienced an auditory hallucination associated with isolated sleep paralysis. I had felt as though there had been an alien presence in my bedroom. For a moment, I had felt paralyzed. However, one of the cats stayed on the bed the whole time, so it is very doubtful that an alien robot actually did pass through the room to speak electronic gibberish in my ear. I think that would have sent the cat running.
Even so, leave it to me to have such a weird hallucination!

For more info on sleep paralysis:


My illustration for Charles Kyffhausen's story "Rebellion", a Mystic Signals exclusive story, is now up on The Lorelei Signal site. Check it out!

Make sure you click on the thumbnail of the illustration to see a larger, better quality image. I was going to post a link directly to the image, but someone may throw a fit because BOOBIES. Just like the harpies depicted in traditional art (think those in Dore's "Harpies in the Forest of Suicides"), I depicted the harpies in my illustration as having bare breasts. How shocking!

BTW, in addition to the four harpies (two of which are in silhouette), the illustration depicts three goblins, two trolls, a female centaur (clothed), and an evil sorcerer in armour.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Scifaiku in April APHELION

My scifaiku “hand-in-tentacle” now appears in the April 2014 issue of the web-zine APHELION. Check it out!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Yeah, I Get Paid, Too!

Not only do I sell merchandise featuring my art through three different online retailers, but I earn enough royalties from those sales to get paid on occasion.

Today, I received my latest payment from Redbubble. It's my largest payment from Redbubble yet, and my second this year. When I first started uploading my art to Redbubble in May 2012, I wasn't sure if it would sell through that venue. I think I can safely say that my Redbubble Shop is a success. After all, the numbers are going in the right direction, up!

Sci-Fi Filler Artworks in Spring 2014 STAR*LINE

The Spring 2014 issue of Star*Line is now out. My sci-fi filler artworks "Reflections" and "Dracopterix Pursues Quad Fliers" appear in that issue.

Seeing as how Star*Line is the official 
official newsletter and network instrument of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, and seeing as how I'm an SF poet as well as an artist, you would think I would send them more poetry. Over the years, I've only sent a handful of poems their way. I've only  had one poem appear in an issue of  Star*Line. "Holiday on Phreetum Prime" appeared in the March/April 2008 issue. I really haven't sent any poetry their way recently.

I've now had several filler artworks (seven at last count) published in Star*Line. I believe my total number of art submissions to that particular venue is now greater (by one) than my total number of poetry submissions to the same venue. Seeing as how I've been very much in an art mood lately, and seeing as how my art seems to sell better than my poetry, I think I'll continue going with what works.

Now I have to come up with some ideas for more sci-fi filler artwork.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bughead Rises

Bughead Rises
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