Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wonderful (Though Old) Comment in Response to My Poem "Fantasyku"

I just ran across a wonderful, albeit old, comment in response to one of my poems from several years back. Though the comment is a few years old, it really made my day.

I was digging up one of my old poems, "Fantasyku" to post it to my Facebook page. I happened to pull up the page of the Niteblade on-line archive containing the poem. I really don't know if I ever noticed it before, but back in June of 2010, one person actually responded to the poem. This is what they said:

Radek says:
I like this the best out of all the issue.
Wow! They liked my "Fantasyku" best out of all the issue! Comments like that one make me realize that, although I have my fair share of critics, some people actually do enjoy my works. Comments like that make me think my works might actually have some merit after all. I do wonder at times whether any of my efforts have been worthwhile, especially when it comes to the writing side of things.

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