Thursday, November 13, 2014

My Response to Redbubble Blog Entry "How to Be a More ‘Selfish’ Artist"

A recent entry over on the Redbubble blog talks about "How to Be a More ‘Selfish’ Artist".

It seems the point is mostly about how to talk about one's art, how to promote one's art, and how to devote a portion of one's time to being an artist. If an artist who talks about his or her own work regularly is being selfish, then I have no problem with being a selfish artist! Actually, some may label me a "gaudy, boring self-promoter". Some may even call me an egomaniac.

Here is the comment I left on the Redbubble blog:

Perhaps I'm one of those "gaudy, boring self-promoters" (and some may even call me an egomaniac), but I have little trouble promoting my art and devoting time and energy toward creating my own art. I talk about my art all the time on Facebook
Twitter (@RHFay)
and Google +.
I'm always promoting the three on-line stores selling merchandise featuring my art (I have stores set-up through Zazzle, CafePress, and Redbubble). I'm also pretty quick to spread the work when my works appear in publications.

Currently, art is my job. I'm always working on something, whether it be for publications or for my stores. I've even taken offense when a peer of mine, a fellow artist who has had works appear in some of the same venues my work has appeared in, insisted that I'm a mere "hobbyist". I'm adamant about my art being a business and a career.

Believe it or not, one thing I do have a problem with is being my biggest fan. Actually, I have a tendency to be my worst critic. And this is saying a lot, considering what some of my critics have said about me and my works (at least one has used the term "amateuristic" in reference to my art). if it weren't for the sales I've made to small-press publications and the sales I've made through Zazzle, CafePress, and Redbubble, I would think my art was complete trash!

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