Sunday, November 23, 2014

Art Queries: Six Months Later, Still Waiting to Hear Back...

Alas, it's been just over six months since I sent a couple of art queries out, and the only thing I've received back was a message from one of the two venues queried confirming receipt of my query and stating they will review my online portfolio and get back to me. I assumed at the time that such a response was a version of "don't call us, we'll call you", and now I'm more convinced than ever that I was correct in that assumption.

In case anyone wonders why I have decided to take a hiatus from publications for a while, it's because of experiences like this. Why continue spinning my wheels in the realm of publications when I can sell my art on merchandise? Why keep going down the path of art for publications and take two steps back for every step forward when I can make steadier progress creating art for items in my stores? The buying public appreciates my art even if certain editors do not!

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