Monday, October 13, 2014

It's Columbus Bashing Day Again!

Here we go yet again with the "OMG, Columbus was such a monster, WHITE GUILT!" crap that gets flung around every Columbus Day, often by Americans of white European descent. I say any American of European descent who feels Columbus should not be honoured on this day should put their money where their mouth is and go back to where their ancestors came from. See if your ancestral nation welcomes you with open arms. Of course, for those of mixed ancestry, this could be difficult to accomplish without being dismembered first!

No, I'm not condoning or recommending people be dismembered, I'm just trying to make a point through a bit of absurdity. I see a lot of this Columbus bashing on Columbus Day, often by those who can trace at least some of their ancestors back to Europe, as being rather absurd. History is what it is. For better or for worse, Columbus was the guy who got the ball rolling when it came to lasting European exploration of and settlement in the New World.

BTW, I happen to be one of those of mixed ancestry. My mother was 100% Slovak. As far as I know, my father is half German and half Anglo-Saxon/Celtic mix of some sort. I know my great grandparents on my father's mother's side were straight off the boat from Germany. l was able to trace another paternal ancestor back to England.

I've actually talked more seriously about this before. Instead of repeating what I've already said, I'll share a link to my past entry:

All this Dissing of Columbus...