Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Gothic Window

Through the stone-traced panes I see
The ancestral plot below.
A pale murky mist obscures
The white marble monuments
That mark the graves of my kin.
Time has worn the names and dates
But cannot erase the past.

In the foggy gloom I see
Ghostly figures beckoning.
Restless spirits summon me
To join their ghastly legions.
Empty skulls stare eagerly.
Frightened by the dreadful scene
I swiftly avert my gaze.

Mirrored in the glass I see
A darkly shrouded shadow;
The reaper stands behind me.
Death’s cold voice whispers my name.
I feel his frigid touch
Upon my shoulder.
The window shatters.

(Originally published in Aoife's Kiss, Issue 23, December 2007.)

Copyright © 2007 Richard H. Fay

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