Sunday, October 12, 2014

21st Century Vampires MUST be Sexy? RUBBISH!

This evening, I re-watched the 2006 docudrama "Vampire Secrets". At one point in this program, they claim that 21st century vampires will remain sexy, that sex appeal has become something of a required trait for vampires.

Oh, really? Funny thing is, lately I've noticed a return to the monstrous vampire. I've even had a hand in that return. Sure, vampires in the 21st century can be sexy outsiders and darkly romantic anti-heroes, but they can also be dreadfully monstrous creatures.

My horror poem "Shroudeater", a piece about a monstrous vampire of Alpine lore, has appeared in three different 21st century publications. It was first published in the Walpurgisnacht 2010 issue of HUNGUR. It was also published in December 2011 in THIRSTY ARE THE DAMNED: A TRUE VAMPIRE ANTHOLOGY, an anthology which presented vampire poetry and prose "with no romantic contagions. The poem's third appearance was in the April 2014 issue of NIGHT TO DAWN.

"Vengeance of the Alpe" is another of my published works that contains vampires of a sort (dwarfish vampiric creatures called alpe) no sane person would consider sexy. This story appeared in two different 21st century publications, the All Souls' Night 2010 Issue of HUNGUR and the April 2012 Issue of NIGHT TO DAWN.

I believe I've seen other recent anthologies of vampire stories in the same vein as THIRSTY ARE THE DAMNED, or at the very least, anthologies that include works about evil and even monstrous vampires. Vampires in the 21st century aren't always sexy and romantic. Obviously, even with all the sexy vampires over the years, I think you can still go back to the dreadful vampires of lore. It can be done.

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