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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Forest Park Cemetery, Brunswick, NY

Photos taken during the Brunswick Historical Society's Annual Walking Tour of Brunswick's Historic Forest Park Cemetery, October 25th, 2014.


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Three Local Tours in One Day

This morning, Michele and I attended the Rensselaer County Historical Society's Murder and Mayhem history walk through the streets of Troy. It was interesting. So many of the stories seemed to be about Irish immigrants raising mayhem that I came away from it thinking, "boy, those Irish sure were a rowdy bunch!" Also, the vision of the gallows being on the hill where EMPAC now sits stuck in my head. Seeing the condemned swinging from those gallows must have been quite the sight!

This afternoon, Michele and I attended the Brunswick Historical Society's annual tour of Forest Park Cemetery, reputedly one of the most haunted cemeteries in the United States. Although we didn't see any ghosts, we did see some interesting things, and heard some interesting tales (mostly of the historical variety). I took a bunch of photos, and will be posting them soon (probably tomorrow).

This evening, Michele and I attended the Knick at Night Ghost Tour of The Knickerbocker Mansion in Schaghticoke. The tour itself was fun and interesting. The mansion was decorated in an appropriately-spooky manner, and the ghosts had some intriguing tales to tell. We even got to walk around an old cemetery in the dark, which seemed a proper Halloween-type activity.

However, there was one unpleasant aspect to an otherwise enjoyable outing. People parked three rows deep on the lawn beside the mansion that serves as a parking lot, and we got blocked in for about a half an hour. At least the organizer of the event offered to let us have free coffee and cupcakes while we waited for one of the vehicles blocking us to leave.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Creepy Jack-o'-Lantern Trio Happy Halloween

 Creepy Jack-o'-Lantern Trio Happy Halloween
Copyright © 2012 Richard H. Fay

Monday, October 20, 2014

Help: Horror Comics of the 1970s?

Anyone know what horror comics were around in the mid-late 1970s, apart from the obvious Marvel titles of TOMB OF DRACULA and WEREWOLF BY NIGHT? When I was a kid, I had a couple of large-format horror comics my grandmother had bought me. The interior art was all in black and white, and the stories were mostly of the creepy/macabre/supernatural type. They COULD have been reprints of earlier works republished in the mid-late 70s.

I loved those books (they were so creepy), but my mother got it in her head that they were a bad influence on me. One day, to punish me for some undisclosed infraction, she made me throw the comics in the trash compactor. I've never forgiven her for that.

I would love to try to replace those comics, but I don't know where to begin. I can't seem to recall the titles. I still have a couple of issues of WHERE MONSTERS DWELL, but the lost comics were different.

Friday, October 17, 2014

"What Greets Me at the End" Illustration

"What Greets Me at the End" Illustration
Originally published in Cover of Darkness, May 2011.
Copyright © 2011 Richard H. Fay

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Enter My Nightmares

Wander with me through
Perilous moor,
Haunted vale,

Have your breath stolen
By eldritch cries,
Ebon forms,

Naked in the dark,
Your flesh shudders,
Chilled by ghosts,
Touched by

© Richard H. Fay

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Haunted Isle

I lie beyond the narrow sandy strand,
A jagged mote upon the horizon,
A rugged speck upon the ocean.
Sailors skirt past my flanks in morbid dread.
My dark hollows house the unshriven dead.

I lie amongst the angry, swelling waves.
Churning foam obscures my treacherous shoals,
Doom for innumerable imperilled souls.
Wretched spirits weep on my savage shore,
Unheard above Poseidon's constant roar.

I lie shrouded in a bleak, swirling mist,
Cloaked in an eternal obscurity,
Wracked by a turbulent, restless sea.
Haggard spectres drift amidst my grey stones,
Vainly searching for their sun-bleached bones

I lie beyond a mortal's tenuous ken,
A dismal harbour for woeful secrets,
A forlorn abode of abject regrets.
Rendered barren by the sea's bitter breath,
My rocky bosom knows nothing but death.

(Originally published in Illumen Issue 8, Spring 2008.)

Copyright © 2008 Richard H. Fay

The Collector

A shadow glides across the graveyard grounds
Toward a dark mound of freshly turned earth.
Steely claws dig away the mouldy dirt
To reveal a friendless thug's forlorn grave.
The midnight darkness hides a ghastly deed
As the shade removes the dead man's left shin.

A murky mist obscures the city streets
As the collector makes his evening rounds.
A drowsy morgue attendant fails to see
The spectral wraith moving along the wall.
A few corpses lose select body parts
Before the fiend slips back into the night.

A black-cloaked hunter tracks his human prey
Through dank alleyways and desolate lanes.
Sobs echo down a dingy cobbled path
As a jilted maid heads sadly for home.
Sharp talons gut the poor heartbroken wench
Before she even has a chance to scream.

A stinking miasma fills the foul air
Of the devil's diabolic abode.
A grisly work of art slowly takes shape
As the fell beast sculpts bones and rotting flesh.
All he lacks to complete his masterpiece
Is just a single, suitable right ear.

A silhouette appears in the window...

(Originally published in DemonMinds, Spring 2008 Issue, April 10, 2008; also published in the DemonMinds Spring 2008 print edition, featuring the best of DemonMinds, Spring 2008, and The Dark Fiction Spotlight, January 2011.)

Copyright © 2008 Richard H. Fay

"Under the Ice on Enceladus" in Azure Lion Productions CafePress Shop

I added my colourful sci-fi artwork "Under the Ice on Enceladus" to a plethora of items in my Azure Lion Productions CafePress Shop. The piece originally appeared on the cover of the July 2014 issue of Spaceports & Spidersilk. in the piece, two scientists/astronauts/aquanauts piloting a mini sub encounter an array of weird and colourful alien creatures beneath the ice of Enceladus.

ALL My Poems Published in EVERY DAYS POETS Received Poor Ratings!

Well, this is interesting. I figured I would check the ratings on the other poems I had published by EVERY DAY POETS, and guess what? The other three, "Autumnal Woodland Morn", "Moaning Hemlock Tree", and "Winter Crows", ALL received rather low ratings, especially considering how many positive comments each one received.

My autumnal cinquain "Autumnal Woodland Morn", which was published in EVERY DAY POETS on November 9, 2008, received a rating of 1.9 out of 5, with 25 votes cast.

My wintery haiku "Moaning Hemlock Tree", which was published in the zine on January 12, 2009, received a rating of 1.5 out of 5, with 21 votes cast.

My seasonal corvine verse "Winter Crows", which was published in the zine on March 10, 2009, received a rating of 1.8 out of 5, with 22 votes cast.

It makes me think the ratings are less a judgement of the quality (or lack thereof) of my works and more an expression of hatred toward me personally. I know "Winter Crows" received at least one 5 out of 5. Right in the comments in response to the poem on the EVERY DAY POETS site, someone said they gave me a five for that one.

It's petty crap like this why I'm so fed up with the writing world and just want to say the heck with it!

"I'll show that a**hole, I'll give his poems a bad rating!"

How effing childish!

A 1.8 out of 5 Rating for a Cinquain of Mine? (One from Back in 2009)

This is sad. Looking back at some of my past poetry publications for stuff to post on my Facebook page, I noticed that my feline cinquain "Yellow Eyes", which was originally published over at EVERY DAY POETS on June 26, 2009, received a rating of only 1.8 out of 5 (with 19 votes cast). Strange thing is, if you look at the comments, many of them are positive.

Oh, well. Just another reason for me to concentrate on art. Though some people seem to like my poems and stories, others seem to hate them. Alas, I'm afraid the haters may be in the majority. It's hard to be inspired to write when so many people hate your writings.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"Tom Tit Tot" Illustration

"Tom Tit Tot"
Originally published in Flashing Swords Special Edition, Summer 2008.
Also published in the on-line version of Abandoned Towers, August 2008, Macabre Cadaver, Issue 3, October 2008, Horror Bound Magazine, January 2009, and Illumen, Spring 2010.
Copyright © 2008 Richard H. Fay

Soul Chilling Scream

soul chilling scream
shatters midnight silence
my last breath

Copyright © 2014 Richard H. Fay

Monday, October 13, 2014

"Demons of the Dark Nebula" Illustration

"Demons of the Dark Nebula"
Originally published in Hungur, Issue 6, Walpurgisnacht 2008.
Copyright © 2008 Richard H. Fay

It's Columbus Bashing Day Again!

Here we go yet again with the "OMG, Columbus was such a monster, WHITE GUILT!" crap that gets flung around every Columbus Day, often by Americans of white European descent. I say any American of European descent who feels Columbus should not be honoured on this day should put their money where their mouth is and go back to where their ancestors came from. See if your ancestral nation welcomes you with open arms. Of course, for those of mixed ancestry, this could be difficult to accomplish without being dismembered first!

No, I'm not condoning or recommending people be dismembered, I'm just trying to make a point through a bit of absurdity. I see a lot of this Columbus bashing on Columbus Day, often by those who can trace at least some of their ancestors back to Europe, as being rather absurd. History is what it is. For better or for worse, Columbus was the guy who got the ball rolling when it came to lasting European exploration of and settlement in the New World.

BTW, I happen to be one of those of mixed ancestry. My mother was 100% Slovak. As far as I know, my father is half German and half Anglo-Saxon/Celtic mix of some sort. I know my great grandparents on my father's mother's side were straight off the boat from Germany. l was able to trace another paternal ancestor back to England.

I've actually talked more seriously about this before. Instead of repeating what I've already said, I'll share a link to my past entry:

All this Dissing of Columbus...

Sunday, October 12, 2014

21st Century Vampires MUST be Sexy? RUBBISH!

This evening, I re-watched the 2006 docudrama "Vampire Secrets". At one point in this program, they claim that 21st century vampires will remain sexy, that sex appeal has become something of a required trait for vampires.

Oh, really? Funny thing is, lately I've noticed a return to the monstrous vampire. I've even had a hand in that return. Sure, vampires in the 21st century can be sexy outsiders and darkly romantic anti-heroes, but they can also be dreadfully monstrous creatures.

My horror poem "Shroudeater", a piece about a monstrous vampire of Alpine lore, has appeared in three different 21st century publications. It was first published in the Walpurgisnacht 2010 issue of HUNGUR. It was also published in December 2011 in THIRSTY ARE THE DAMNED: A TRUE VAMPIRE ANTHOLOGY, an anthology which presented vampire poetry and prose "with no romantic contagions. The poem's third appearance was in the April 2014 issue of NIGHT TO DAWN.

"Vengeance of the Alpe" is another of my published works that contains vampires of a sort (dwarfish vampiric creatures called alpe) no sane person would consider sexy. This story appeared in two different 21st century publications, the All Souls' Night 2010 Issue of HUNGUR and the April 2012 Issue of NIGHT TO DAWN.

I believe I've seen other recent anthologies of vampire stories in the same vein as THIRSTY ARE THE DAMNED, or at the very least, anthologies that include works about evil and even monstrous vampires. Vampires in the 21st century aren't always sexy and romantic. Obviously, even with all the sexy vampires over the years, I think you can still go back to the dreadful vampires of lore. It can be done.

Monster: Amalgantua

Monster: Amalgantua
Copyright © 2013 Richard H. Fay

Price of Prying Too Far

ancient powers
to gain arcane knowledge,
face a dreadful master and lose

your soul.

Copyright © Richard H. Fay

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Illustration for "The Oak Witch's Helper"

Illustration for Anna Sykora's "The Oak Witch's Helper"
Published in Sorcerous Signals, Aug. - Oct. '13 Issue, August 2013.
Illustration copyright © 2013 Richard H. Fay

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Greemlogorg

"The Greemlogorg"
Originally published as an artwork sample accompanying artist profile in The Gloaming, April 4, 2011.
Copyright © 2011 Richard H. Fay

Glimmering Embers

glimmering embers
within writhing midnight murk
a dark lord invoked

(Originally published in The Monsters Next Door Issue Four, September 2008.)

Copyright © 2008 Richard H. Fay 

Labyrinthine Pile

labyrinthine pile
doorways lead nowhere
lost souls bewildered

(Originally published in Aphelion, April 2009.)

Copyright © 2009 Richard H. Fay

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Dark Host (illustration)

"The Dark Host" (illustration)
Originally published in Hungur, Vol. VIII, No. 1, All Souls' Night 2012.
Also published in Disturbed Digest, Issue 2, September 2013.
Copyright © 2012 Richard H. Fay

The Dark Host (poem)

Creatures of darkness roam this troubled night,
Drifting on the wind like an ebon mist.
Strange beings of shadow who shun the light
Gather in the hills for their savage tryst.

Whirring wings beat in the deepening gloom
As wicked sprites cavort atop the tor.
Wayward mortals face a terrible doom,
Joining the heinous host that they abhor.

Stolen children and lost souls swell the ranks
Of that wretchedly detestable horde.
A tithe of human flesh gives bloody thanks
To their dark and diabolical lord.

The unsanctified dead spread suffering
Until dawn’s first glimmer drives them away.
No earthly force can stop their wandering;
The host is vanquished by the break of day.

(Originally published in Bewildering Stories, Issue 277, February 10, 2008.)

Copyright © 2008 Richard H. Fay

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Empty Old House

resound in rooms
stripped of creature comforts.
Dismal chambers shelter only

Copyright © Richard H. Fay

Developing Nightmares

"Developing Nightmares"
Copyright © 2012 Richard H. Fay

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Creeping Slime Hulk

"Creeping Slime Hulk"
Originally published as an artwork sample accompanying artist profile in The Gloaming, April 4, 2011.
Copyright © 2011 Richard H. Fay

Facebook Page

Over on the Redbubble blog, they have a thread about how important it is to have a Facebook fan page:
The Importance of Having a Facebook Fan Page

This is what I said:
I kept a Facebook fan page, and I found it to be a complete waste of time and energy. I had far more Facebook friends than I had fans of my page.
However, I began wondering if I should I reconsider a Facebook fan page for my art Is it worth it, or would it just be more work for no gain? I decided I would perform a little experiment to see if a Facebook fan page for my art does me any good. So, I set one up here:

I've already added a bunch of artwork, poetry, and links to my Richard H. Fay - Artist Facebook page. Let's see if it truly is important. Let's see how many "likes" I get. I still think it's a waste of time, but I'm willing to be convinced otherwise.

Gothic Window

Through the stone-traced panes I see
The ancestral plot below.
A pale murky mist obscures
The white marble monuments
That mark the graves of my kin.
Time has worn the names and dates
But cannot erase the past.

In the foggy gloom I see
Ghostly figures beckoning.
Restless spirits summon me
To join their ghastly legions.
Empty skulls stare eagerly.
Frightened by the dreadful scene
I swiftly avert my gaze.

Mirrored in the glass I see
A darkly shrouded shadow;
The reaper stands behind me.
Death’s cold voice whispers my name.
I feel his frigid touch
Upon my shoulder.
The window shatters.

(Originally published in Aoife's Kiss, Issue 23, December 2007.)

Copyright © 2007 Richard H. Fay

Monday, October 6, 2014

Illustration in October 2014 THE LORELEI SIGNAL

My illustration for Jim Lee's story "In Pursuit of the Wolfchildren" appears in the Oct - Nov '14 Issue of The Lorelei Signal. I got to draw a werewolf for this one. Check it out!

Shroudeater Illustration (colour)

Shroudeater (illustration)
Originally published (as black and white interior illustration) in Hungur, Issue 10, Walpurgisnacht 2010. Also published in Night to Dawn 25, April 2014 Issue, February 2014.
Illustration copyright © 2010 Richard H. Fay


Buried beneath gravely earth
That lay within twilight shadow
Cast by fearfully bewitched crag,
Gustav Schrat failed to find true rest.
Cursed by memories of dark deeds,
Stirred by dread desires unfulfilled,
Roused from death's eternal slumber
By elder powers strong and fell,
Grim wretch rose from untended grave
To trouble kith and kin once more.

As hag-wrought tempest blasted peak
And thunder summoned ancient gods,
Schrat squirmed restlessly in pine box.
Foul corpse opened worm-eaten eyes
Glimmering faintly with embers
Of preternatural malice.
Mouldy mouth consumed winding shroud,
Bloody fingers clawed rocky ground,
Morbidly stiff body dug free
From its musty sepulchral bed.

While grey wolves sang in alpine glen
And black hounds bayed at waning moon
That peered through dying storm cloud veil,
Schrat sought unwholesome nourishment
Drawn from remains of fellow dead
Clawed from neighbouring tumuli.
With beastly hunger barely slaked
By rotting flesh and clotted gore,
Revenant turned smouldering orbs
Toward dwellings of fresher prey.

Endowed with otherworldly traits
Of diabolic sorcery,
Schrat slipped into deep midnight murk
Under guise of lecherous dog,
Upon the wing of death's head moth,
In the likeness of mountain vole.
With loathsome reality cloaked
Fiend roamed high mead and valley vill
To bother beast and man alike
And satisfy sinister thirst.

Trembling peasant barred cottage door
'Gainst devilishly lethal night
While malignant mind spread madness,
Putrescent breath spread pestilence,
Undead wandering spread slow death.
Demon ravaged grieving widow,
Savaged cattle secured in byre,
Stalked darkly haunted countryside
Biting, gnawing, maiming, killing,
Craving ever more pulsing blood.

As monster roved evening pasture,
Lost flocks wandered unprotected.
As unclean thing assailed parish,
Frightened villeins emptied village.
Few doughty souls remained behind
To become food in Schrat's fell feast,
But lone cotter solemnly vowed
To end region's nightly terror.
Armed with holy charm and strong spade
He approached desecrated ground.

Amongst chewed bones of exhumed dead,
Entwined in gnawed burial cloths,
Schrat reclined within open grave.
Dawn's break petrified bloodless limbs,
Quelled infernal diablerie,
But could not curb demonic will.
Voices cried sacrilegious words
Invoking scenes of damnation,
But sudden blow from steel-clad spade
Silenced Hell's terrible chorus.

As sunlight gilded eastern alps,
Man bound menace in hempen cords
Strengthened with rustic spell and prayer.
Brave hero dragged bloated body
Onto deserted central green.
Flint and steel struck lit dry tinder
Igniting purifying blaze.
Monstrous cadaver cursed and screamed
‘Til flames reduced it to mere ash
Blowing in slightest morning breeze.

(Originally published in Hungur, Issue 10, Walpurgisnacht 2010. Also published in Thirsty Are the Damned: A True Vampire Anthology, December 2011, and Night to Dawn 25, April 2014 Issue, February 2014.)

Poem copyright © 2010 Richard H. Fay

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Patient Black Widow

patient black widow
trapper waits in ragged web
straying men entrapped

(Originally published in microcosms, October 23, 2011.)

Copyright © 2011 Richard H. Fay

Spirit of the Night

spirit of the night
pale spectral visitation
a phantom’s chill touch

Originally published in Scifaikuest, Feb. 2008.

Copyright © 2008 Richard H. Fay

"Magical Meetings" Published in October Issue of APHELION

My fairy fantasy poem "Magical Meetings" now appears in the October issue of the web-zine APHELION. It originally appeared in the May 2011 issue of SORCEROUS SIGNALS. If you didn't check it out then, please check it out now:

This might be my last piece for APHELION, at least for a while. I've just about run out of reprints to send their way, and I haven't been writing anything new lately. I've felt the need to concentrate on art, so that's what I've been doing.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Black Leathery Wings

black leathery wings
darken a pale harvest moon
undead hunting blood

(Originally published in The Monsters Next Door, Issue Four, September 2008.)

Copyright © 2008 Richard H. Fay