Thursday, September 11, 2014

Two Reprint Poems and an Illustration Accepted for Publication in NIGHT TO DAWN 28

Since the publisher who decided to go with another artist for a book cover hinted that she would be interested in a poem or two from me for her zine, Night to Dawn, I sent her a couple of reprint poems. About three hours after I sent the poems, I received an acceptance e-mail. Yay!

It looks like my poems "Life is the Life" and "Redcap of Dunnor Peel"will be reprinted in Night to Dawn 28. "Life is the Life" originally appeared in The Monsters Next Door, Contest Issue 4.5, November 15, 2008. It also appeared in the Scattered Verses, Moonlit Curses Horror Poetry Anthology, published May 2009, and in the October 2011 issue of the web-zine Aphelion. "Redcap of Dunnor Peel" originally appeared in The Scareald, Issue No. 2, October 2012.

Along with the two poems, I also sent links to both the colour and the black and white versions of my "Grinning Redcap" illustration and a link to my Redcap story "The Redcap of Glamtallon". In the e-mail accepting the two poems for publication, the editor asked if I could send her the black and white version of my redcap illustration. I sent it off earlier this evening.

So, along with the two reprints poems, it looks like my "Grinning Redcap" illustration will also be appearing in Night to Dawn 28. 

Now, if only I could find a venue willing to reprint "The Redcap of Glamtallon"...

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