Monday, September 15, 2014

Twitter Account Momentarily Locked

Okay, this is weird. I was just on Twitter earlier this evening, but after I left and checked my e-mail, I saw I had received this notice:

For security purposes, your Twitter account has been locked.

We believe your account @RHFay might be compromised by a user or service not associated with Twitter.
To secure your account and continue safely using Twitter, change your password now...

And so on.

This is not the first time my Twitter account has been locked.
Actually, last time, my account was suspended, not just locked:
Twitter Account Suspended, With No Explanation

I changed my password. My Twitter account seems to be unlocked now. Hopefully I'm not just tweeting to myself!

Since I do have a tendency to post things that piss some people off, I gotta wonder: is some Twitter twit reporting my Tweets?

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Richard Fay said...

I think I might have an explanation for the locking of my Twitter account. I noticed I've been followed by one or two of those "get 1000 followers/min" accounts. Time to block!

Of course, it seems a bit backwards for Twitter to lock your account because of questionable accounts that follow you, but it might work that way.