Sunday, September 7, 2014

How Do You Define Success?

How do you define success as a freelance artist? Is it defined by making a living off your art, or is it defined by having your art appear in various venues and having it seen and appreciated by a number of people, or is it defined by selling your art and items featuring your art internationally? I may not be a success under the first definition, but I am a success under the other two.

I am quite honest about the fact that, if it were not for my wife's income, I would be a truly starving artist. I could not live on what I am currently making off of my art.

However, I do make money off of my art (enough to report it as income at tax time). I do sell my art. I've sold my art to small-press publications. I've sold licenses for the use of my art. I also sell merchandise featuring my art and designs through three different on-line retailers (Zazzle, CafePress, and Redbubble). As a matter of fact, sales in the stores have steadily increased since I opened them. I suspect the numbers for this year will be better than last.
My art has appeared in various venues. Illustrations I've done have appeared within the pages of a number of small-press publications, both print and on-line. Cover artwork I've done has appeared on the covers of a number of small-press publications. There are some web sites out there displaying my artwork legitimately. I've even run across at least one site that used my art in a less-than-legitimate fashion (and I had them remove it).

Though I would love to make more money off of my art, from the perspective of getting my art out there, I consider myself to be a successful freelance artist. Perhaps other might disagree, but I know that my art is out there. I also know that it sells.

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