Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Finished With the Realm of Genre Publications (At Least, For Now)

Okay, I've come to a conclusion. Outside of things that have already been accepted for forthcoming publication, I'm finished with the realm of genre publications. I'm too sick of the shitstorms constantly brewing in that world. Also, I'm sure I've made plenty of enemies in that world by speaking my mind too many times. I can't keep being a part of something I find so unpleasant. I'm done!

Will this be a permanent withdrawal from the world of genre publications, or will this be a mere hiatus? I haven't decided yet. I did start rewriting my fantasy novel, and I may seek a publisher once the rewrite is finished. However, I could also go the route of self-publishing. When it comes to art, I have my stores. For the sake of what little sanity I have left, right now, I think I need to stick to art for my stores.

For a while now, when it came to trying to further my career as a genre publications illustrator and artist, I have felt like I was banging my head against a brick wall. I got the impression that I was spinning my wheels, if not taking one step forward, two steps back. While sales in my stores have steadily increased since I first opened my Zazzle store in 2010, my sales to publications have remained at basically the same level for six or seven years now. It has gotten to the point that work for publications takes time away from work for my stores.

I do appreciate the fact that some editors and publishers accepted my works, published my works, and paid me for my works. I am still very proud of the work I did for various small press publications. My current disgust with the genre community in general has not diminished my pride in what I accomplished in that realm, even if I was just a little fish after all.

Now, excuse me while I go work on the latest piece for my stores!

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Richard Fay said...

Here is a question: does anyone honestly and truly believe that potential customers to my on-line stores (remember, I sell merchandise featuring my art internationally through three different on-line retailers) care about comments I make in a stupid Facebook debate/argument about a stupid comic book cover? Does the rest of the world really give a damn about these endless genre world brouhahas?