Friday, August 22, 2014

Sold "Unicorn Rampant" Stuff Through Redbubble

Sold today through Redbubble: 20 (yes, 20) "Unicorn Rampant" Stickers and 1 "Unicorn Rampant" T Shirt. Apparently, these were purchased by the coach of a girls' soccer team called the Unicorns. The coach sent me an e-mail inquiring about the possibility of purchasing the "Unicorn Rampant" and a pink rose for use on a banner of some kind. I replied by saying I could certainly sell him a non-exclusive license to use my Unicorn Rampant and a pink version of my heraldic rose for use on a banner. I figure $50 sounded about right. Now I wait and see if he finds my terms acceptable.

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