Thursday, July 17, 2014

Where's My Flack?

So, where's my flack? C'mon, PC mob, give me, a white male artist, flack for daring to portray a person of colour and a woman in my sci-fi artwork "Under the Ice on Enceladus". I dare ya! I double dare ya! Go ahead, look like fools!

Yep, I'm throwing the gauntlet down. I want some of these yahoos in the PC mob to explain to me why I might not have to right to portray persons of colour or women in my creative works, when they are the same ones screaming for more diversity in creative works! Or, is it only truly diversity when the creators portraying such diversity are something other than white males? Is it impossible for white male creators to add diversity to their creative works without catching flack? Do you realise how asinine that sounds? Do you?

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