Monday, July 7, 2014


Two of my latest illustrations now appear in the ToC of the Jul - Sept '14 Issue of The Lorelei Signal. Click on the thumbnail images to see the full-sized illustrations.

One illustration appears alongside Joyce Frohn's story "Room 116". When I was working on this one, I had to search for a few reference images of nurses. I don't do a lot of contemporary imagery, so it was an interesting break from my usual. Probably the closest I've come previously to doing something like this was my illustration for "Old Fashioned Police Work" by Matt Adams, which appeared in the Fall '11 issue of Strange, Weird, and Wonderful Magazine. In that instance, I had to draw a uniformed police officer. This time, I had to draw a nurse. It proves I can also do contemporary things, though I'm probably at my best when drawing historic and mediaevalistic fantasy imagery.

The second illustration is for the Mystic Signals exclusive story "The Doom of Mournshire" by Benjamin Sperduto. I'm back to my usual imagery with this one. Even so, I believe my figures in this illustration feel less stiff than some of the figures in my past works. I think I did well capturing a sense of tension and impending action. I'm very happy with the way this one came out. Also, I show the female characters in reasonable poses and respectable garb. No "chicks in chain mail bikinis" in ridiculous poses here!

Check 'em out!

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