Thursday, July 17, 2014

Boosting the Signal: PC Runs Amok in Science Fiction Community

Since I was recently talking about a rather ridiculous argument regarding who or what I may or may not have the right to portray in my creative works, I thought I would re-share a link to this interesting take on the whole "political correctness in the SF realm" issue from an Argentine writer friend of mine:
PC Runs Amok in Science Fiction Community

I know I shared this before, with my own comments in response to the entry, but it seems especially relevant after an editor that has published several examples of my artwork pointed out to me that I might receive flack for my atwork "Under the Ice on Enceladus" portraying a black male scientist/astronaut/aquanaut and a while female scientist/astronaut/aquanaut, Apparently, some may feel that I, as a while male, don't have the right to portray women or persons of colour in my creative works. This is what the editor said:
I think the argument here, as I understand it, is whether: a) you have the right to create art portraying women and people of color, and b) whether I, as editor, have the right to accept such art. It comes down to who we are, physically.
How absurd! (Just to clarify, I'm not saying the editor is being absurd, I'm saying the people the editor is talking about, the people making such an argument, are being absurd.)

Yes, the Classically Educated entry "PC Runs Amok in Science Fiction Community" seems even more relevant now. Yes, PC does indeed run amok in the science fiction community. And some of the most rapid members of the PC mob are not above manufacturing a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation. I'm all for diversity, but don't tell me I can't portray diversity in my creative works because I'm white! That's bullshit! (And it doesn't really help create art featuring more diversity.)

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