Thursday, June 5, 2014

Yep, PC Does Indeed Run Amok in the SF Community

Over at Classically Educated,there now appears an entry entitled "PC Runs Amok in Science Fiction Community". While the entry will undoubtedly offend some in the SF community,  I think it makes some good points. I have witnessed how political correctness has run amok in the SF community, and I said as much in a comment I left on the Classically Educated blog. Here is that comment:

I just witnessed an episode of “you haven’t suffered what I’ve suffered, so you don’t have any right to talk (or write) about it.” A rather successful white male fantasy writer was recently accused of “being part of a problem” by a person who apparently knows little if anything about the writer’s work. The white male writer had the misfortune of being on a convention panel discussing writing “the other”, which was what triggered the whole sorry episode, an episode that eventually led to supporters and friends of this writer being falsely accused of making threats against the person who made the comments suggesting that the writer was part of the problem.

The writer had hoped people could carry on a reasonable discussion about these issues. He was disappointed to find out otherwise.

I see it as a perfect example of the way the fail mob operates. They are not above twisting the truth or even spreading outright lies. They don’t care who they harm; they will attack anyone in the name of their cause. They’re real rotters.

As you said, reason doesn’t work. You can’t reason with these people. They truly believe the end justifies the means. They don’t care about destroying reputations and possibly even careers as long as it’s in the name of inclusiveness and diversity. As a matter of fact, I would go so far as to say they derive a sick pleasure out of such things. In a supreme display of hypocrisy, they are intolerant wretches screaming for more tolerance.

Unfortunately, they don’t see themselves as intolerant wretches. They see themselves as righteous crusaders. They justify their attacks by claiming they are doing it all in the name of a good cause. They say it is not bullying if the attacks are justified. That’s how they see it.

Personally, I refuse to deal with people like that. They’re belligerent, sanctimonious, and downright despicable. I truly believe these people don’t really want a discussion about these issues, they just want to act the part of drama queens and raise big stinks.

Of course, saying things like I just said above get me labelled someone who know little about the details of these episodes, someone with little understanding of these issues, and someone who sees only one side of these issues. Well, either that, or a “Grade A Five Star Moron”. That’s the way it goes in the crazy world of SF.
Suspecting that a shitstorm may be looming on the horizon, I also left this little bit of advice:
One more thing: I hope you got a hazmat suit handy, ’cause if these people follow their usual pattern, the shit is gonna fly fast and furious!
Let the shitstorm commence!
(But not on my own blog. I will not tolerate it in my own space online. I do monitor comments. I will delete nasty comments. I refuse to deal with sanctimonious asses and despicable wretches.)


baronhieronymous said...

As I said elsewhere - shitstorm is unlikely. There is no place to publicly skewer anyone. What are they going to do, write to the director of Classically Educated to try to get the blogger fired?

I suspect I know what the answer to that particular request will be!

Richard Fay said...

Well, if you're like me and monitor comments, deleting ones you find offensive, you might be accused of committing censorship and infringing on free speech! If you allow those offended by your entry to leave comments, they might just try to fling some shit your way. After all, you're practically inviting them to poo-flinging contest!

Of course, these people will more likely make pathetic attempts at skewering you publicly elsewhere, in their own little corners of the crazy-net. They will try to spread the word within the SF community about how much of a an "Alpha Wannabe Knuckle Dragger" you are. It's happened afore.

Anyway, I'm sure you can deal with whatever they may fling your way. If there is nothing they can really do to hurt you, then they are powerless. Pitiful, pathetic, and powerless.